In this live event, I’ll be taking you through step by step on what you need to do to overcome overwhelm, pause on procrastination and press play on YOU.

About Me


Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight is a qualified NLP Practitioner, specialist trainer and business mindset consultant with years of front-line experience that she has harnessed to help support and develop individuals and their organisations.

She has spent the best part of the last 25 years building teams, developing staff and helping people reach their potential..

Her coaching, consultancy and training programmes provide hands on, practical, tailored training that empowers individuals and helps them develop their own personal styles; all beginning with their mindset. She is the queen of human skills, developing those leadership skills that can help supercharge a business and with 25 years of marketing under her belt, she knows a thing or two about how to market, grow and build a business too.

Sarah understands the stresses and plate spinning of running a business - having built, run and navigated her own business through pregnancy, bringing up two children, one divorce, a second marriage, life changing traumas and, of course, COVID.

At the heart of her business lies her ethos to help individuals thrive (not just survive), develop their strengths and skillset, and, crucially, their mental wealth. By focussing on mindset, the individual, the team and the people leading the business, the individual and the business can be more productive, efficient, creative and less likely to suffer from burnout. This belief led to the launch of her business training academy, Mind the Gap, in 2020.

Sarah provides no jargon, practical tailored training that empowers individuals and helps them develop their own personal styles. Mind The Gap Business Academy is a training and coaching company with a difference. It specialises in providing tailored training and coaching programmes to individuals and organisations. Sarah has worked with some of the biggest, oldest, smallest and new start-up organisations to provide a wide range of training to upskill and push forward individuals and those businesses.

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I know how it feels to be a business owner on the brink.

Some days you feel on top of the world. You can take anything your business throws at you and you’re thinking “I’ve cracked it.”

When out of nowhere, a proverbial shit show hits (because, business is like that) and in comes an avalanche of overwhelm and imposter syndrome that knocks you on your backside.

You bury your head in the sand, hide under the duvet and decide that it’s time to stop the world because you’re done with business and you wanna get off.

Because that’s easier than facing facts, taking back control and cracking the feck on, right?


There is a better way.

A secret sauce to every entrepreneurs success.

It's about nailing the HOW.

It's about not just knowing what you want to do, but understanding HOW you will get there.

It's about a tooklit of habits, of practices that you implement to press play day in, day out, week in, week out.

Imagine having the tips, tactics and toolkit to take control.

Imagine pressing pause on the negativity and pressing play on your day - even when disaster strikes.

Imagine having the power to progress into success



Understanding your style, your strengths, your how to switches and putting into place habits to help is the key to building your success strategy.

Putting YOURSELF at the centre of your business. 

Everyday we make choices, today I want you to join me for a 45-minute session and choose YOU.

In this LIVE Masterclass I’ll cover:

  • How our habits, our processes can define how we approach our day, our week, our personal lives our business

  • How our habits give us the power to banish overwhelm. Our habits, the experiences of our past can also sabotage our self-belief

  • How habits create routine. Routine gives us freedom. Routine frees bandwidth in our brain to get on with other tasks

  • Why we need a system to create habits that help; we need to make it small, measurable and achievable

  • A habit tracker that’s going to actually help you to IMPLEMENT your new habits in the last quarter of the year and turn these new habits into a permanent lifestyle change

We will look at how we can create habits that work for us, for our mindset and how every choice you make, makes you.

This masterclass is about how you CHOOSE you to move forward in your business.

"A fabulous mix of practical tasks, written advice, and live support."

Laura Bickenson; Silver Maverick Jewellery

Sarah's programmes are a fabulous mix of practical tasks, written advice, and live support chats all cleverly structured in a way that enables you to tailor your input to suit your busy schedule. This is self-care professionally delivered in the most friendly and relaxed way; where you are given a helping hand to take time out and assess how you can create better habits for your business. There's sharing, caring, and as it's Sarah, loads of giggles and free rein to rant or swear if you feel the need! I highly recommend Sarah's programmes for individuals or business teams who want to look at their work-life balance and take positive action to meet their personal or professional challenges."

"I knew that Sarah and the PPL sessions would be valuable but I didn’t realise quite how valuable."

Clare Briscall; Clare Briscall Planning

Oh my goodness Sarah finds a way to get the root of anything that is holding you back from being your very best authentic self. So many techniques grounded in solid thinking, so many tips on how to keep moving forward towards those business goals; but also making sure we don’t lose sight of the every day and celebrating what we do bloody well already. I’ve loved these last few weeks and its value will stay with me for the rest of my working life and beyond. I’ve taken this time to invest in me and it’s been worth its weight in gold. Sarah is not only a great trainer, she’s a great person to be around.

"You have made a ginormous difference."

Nina Webb, Founder, Brazen

Sarah, you have made a ginormous difference to our culture and team as our on-hand ‘Life Coach’ and all-round human skills guru. You have a unique style, warmth, humour and insight that only 20+ years in the wonderful world of business can create and you impart it (across all sectors/ businesses) with wisdom and relatability.

"I didn't think I had time."

Fiona Steggles, Jounalist, Lecturer, Media Trainer

I did this course when I thought I really didn’t have time. I was up to my ears in work, stressed and with a to-do list as long as my arm. Sarah’s mentoring forced me to take just a short amount of time out for myself, to reflect during a very busy work period, and I am a healthier, happier person as a result. Sarah has a practical and very realistic attitude about what can be achieved and sets sensible small goals that do make a difference. Just going outside everyday made me feel more relaxed and alive. She’s also easy to chat to, and we laughed a lot. I thoroughly recommend her training.

"Bringing a huge amount of value"

by Dan Griffin; Marketing Amazon Publishing

Sarah is a fantastic coach - she was incredibly enthusiastic throughout and really upped my own energy and willpower to succeed - but she also asked the hard questions to make sure that I was exploring every avenue of my business and my ideas. She definitely added a huge amount of value and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a business coach that will get to the heart of the problems.

It doesn't matter if you’ve been in business 2 minutes or 20 years - this live masterclass is for any owner operated business, plate spinner, freelance consultant who’s on the brink of burnout and ready to put themselves first, form some healthy habits and most importantly take action so they can THRIVE in their definition of success. Is this you?

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