To grow and scale your business it needs to be built on solid foundations. It’s time to press play. It's time to press pause on procrastination.

This six module programme incorporates my signature GAP framework* and will help you thrive in business - and in life. No more just surviving.

Fact: This programme for owner-operators, for founder-led businesses, for leaders in business will motivate, it will help you move forward and reboot YOU whether you are in your first year of business, your 5th year or your 25th year

In this online programme you’ll learn how to press play, how to conquer imposter syndrome, how to stop procrastinating and how to create habits that help; not hinder.

As business owners, as women in business, as leaders in business, we never stop learning but sometimes we need a helping hand; a helping hand that's practical, that's real, that's actionable - and that's, frankly, a little bit sweary.

Every day we make choices. When did you last choose YOU?

This programme will help you boost your business approach, it will set you on the path for business success, it will help you lead effectively and kindly, you will know what success looks like, you will know what you need to do to get there and how to do it.

Press Play Live helps you choose you, but you're gonna have to put the work in, because with choice comes commitment and consistency.

Every choice you make, makes you. Don’t wait. Don’t say you’ll do something about it after the weekend, next week, next month. By joining Press Play Live, you'll be guaranteeing success because you are going to learn the power and importance of putting you at the heart of your business. You're going to master your mindset - and it's also going to be a bit of fun along the way.

We will be discovering the ecosystem of you, you will be producing your roadmap for success. We will look at your why, understand the how and then master the what.

*My GAP framework looks at the gaps in your business success, it provides a GAP analysis so that by the final module you can put the GAPs into a GROW framework for success, mapping your path forward. 

A straight-talking, practical and no-nonsense, six module programme for founder-led businesses, owner operators, freelancers and women in business. It includes weekly live coaching, downloadable worksheets, practical applications, accountability hours and a peer community group where business leaders can share best practice and get support from like-minded souls.

Press Play Live is not about some grand strategic plan backed up by getting up at 5am to get a start on the day. There’s a reason businesses thrive - and it’s the mindset of the people behind the business, where the business owner understands and implements self-care, builds and develops their emotional intelligence and knows what they need to do to be more effective, more productive and more creative...and then cracks the feck on.
This programme is how you crack the feck on. The next group programme begins on the 12th September 2022. The live coaching lectures will be held on a Thursday at 1.00pm. All lectures will be recorded for anyone that can't attend.

  • Every Monday: 9am:
    Accountability & Planning
    Starts 19th September

    It's all well and good having a plan and all those good intentions but how often do you say "I'll do it tomorrow; I'll start it next week." An accountability and planning hour to start your week is a game changer. Every Monday, (starting on the 19th September), we will hold ourselves accountable, we will come together to plan, to hold each other accountable for the key actions and outcomes we are going to put into place for that week. And I'll be on hand for any questions from the previous week. We need more PDAs in our lives (that's public displays of accountability)

  • Every Thursday: 1.00pm:
    Live Lecture and Coaching

    Every Thursday lunchtime will be live on the course. It will be where I explain the theory, it will be where we talk through the tasks that need to be completed so you can press play and stop procrastinating on pause. Set it in your diary. This is your gift to yourself. This is how to begin. All the Thursday sessions will be recorded so you can access at any time.

  • Peer to peer community

    This is the secret sauce. This is where you really start to feel the benefit. This is where we come together, where you come together in a safe space; to share best practice, to cheerlead for each other, to get advice and to share frustrations and do all the swears. This will be hosted on the Circle platform so easy to access and participate and it will be available throughout the course access. This is where you find your people. This peer community will tackle the loneliness that can stem from running your own business. It's cuddling and coaching all wrapped up in one big sweary safe place.

  • Module 1: w/c 12th September:
    Intro Week & The Ecosystem of You

    The audit of you. The starting point in this programme. How well do you know yourself. What makes you tick. What causes your triggers. This week we cover all things self-awareness. How we think and feel about our self guides all of our responses to our behaviours and actions. It’s one of the core competencies in emotional intelligence. It's insight week.

  • Module 2: w/c 19th September
    Your personal brand.

    Do you understand the power of a personal brand? People buy people. Your personal brand pivots you to success - it build trust with prospective clients and the people in your care. You never get a second chance to make a first impression—make it one that will set you apart, build trust and reflect who you really are. AND crucially by nailing your purpose, your belief system, your trademark behaviours you know what you stand for, what you will accept and how you move forward. This week we look at Robert Dilts' Logical Levels and apply them to you.

  • Module 3: w/c 26th September:
    Who is at your table?

    Who is cheerleading for you? Do you know how to cheerlead for yourself? How are your limiting beliefs affecting your ability to press play, to move forward, to make success happen. This week is all about collaboration, communication and connections - and at the heart of it is how we communicate with ourselves. We look at the stories we tell ourselves, how we can switch our mindset and build our motivation, develop our resilience and banish that imposter syndrome so many of us struggle with.

  • Module 4: w/c 3rd October:
    The Power of Routine

    This week we look at how to make the good work stick. We look at how we create habits that work and how we develop coping strategies we can switch on when that bastard wave crashes over us. This week we build your toolbox for success. We look at processes, plans and the power of the pause to help you press play...every day. We look at what you can do when you relapse and how you replenish your resources.

  • Module 5: w/c: 10th October:
    Managing Your Stress Cycle

    Let's talk about stress baby; let's talk about you and me (anyone recognise the song?). This week is all things stress; when stress is good for us, when stress is bad for us, how to recognise it and what the blinking hec to do about it. We look at our stress cycle, we do some assumptions mapping, we figure out the facts and we identify the coping strategies that work for you.

  • Reflection Week:
    w/c 17th October

    No live lecture this week. It's time to look back and analyse where the gaps are in your ecosystem. In the GAP framework, we need to look at the gateways to success we put in place, we need to analyse where the gaps are and what actions we need to put in place so we have a pathway to success. This is the time to look at your gaps in your mindset. (I'm also on a beach in Ibiza with the girls so no-one wants to see pissed me delivering a lecture and coaching session) ; )

  • Module 6: w/c 24th October:
    Your GROW framework

    What does success look like for you? This week we look at the key questions we need to ask ourselves. It's never just about earning a gazillion pounds. And then you populate your GROW framework for success; for you to press play. We look at your goal-setting through small measureable outcomes, we look at the reality (based on your analysis), we look at your opportunities and obstacles to you pressing play and we look at your way forward. You will finish this module with a plan, a prescription for your mastering your mindset and by understanding your non-negotiables you will have your pillars for success. You will have a toolkit to press play on every day.

Are you the owner operator? Are you the business founder? Are you running the business and managing the business?

Are you desperately seeking sanity whilst trying to do it all? Are you passionate about your business, your work and yet sometimes it's so blinking difficult to be the CEO, working on the business and work in the business too. As a founder led business you are more socially isolated, you have limited safety nets, and operate in high uncertainty (more so now than ever).

Then layer in the fact you want to have a life outside of work, be able to switch off, be able to stop and rest and have the time to do it all and do all the washing and woah there, you’re in danger sister.

When was it that we started to wake up at stupid o clock thinking of all the things we needed to do, all the plates we have to spin?

Are you the best leader you can be? A leader who takes responsibility for themselves and then can lead their business forward.

Are you surviving... but only just? Do you want the good stuff, the reward, the gratification? And do you also just want someone to just help you sometimes.

Do you wonder how everyone else seems to have it nailed?

We need to give ourselves time to work it out, we need to learn how to lead ourselves, we need to lean into a support network, a community of cheerleaders and then, crucially, we need to get help to learn techniques and coping strategies to do more than survive. It's time to press play. 


  • Being able to manage your feelings, the positive and the negative ones and still being able to press play on your day.

  • Having the knowledge, the tactics and the toolkit to know that you are not just surviving but thriving and when you are just surviving (because that’s okay too) you know how to help yourself thrive.

  • Having one of those days (because you are a business owner and they will always happen), trying to make decisions that makes your head hurt whilst delivering on all those other demands and trying to get to the post office before 5pm but you know how to handle them, you know how to positively and proactively move forward.

  • Being in control of your thoughts and feelings and not letting them overwhelm you.

  • Being kind to yourself every day because when you are kind to yourself everyday, you will then have the bandwidth to deal a little better with everything that life and work throws at you).

    Simply put, once you look after yourself better, you will be able to run your business better. You will lead better. You will have more mental wealth.
  • What others are saying...

    Naomi Timperley

    Growth and Innovation Consultant, Co Founder Tech North Advocates

    Sarah has a brilliant way of making her training relatable to the audience. She is engaging and uses storytelling to demonstrate her knowledge. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah and have always had amazing feedback every time I have used her services.

    Rachel Brine

    She Sports | Growing Well Board Member

    Sarah is insightful, confident and supportive. She is motivating, thought provoking and challenging. Through thoughtful and insightful conversations and practical worksheets, she helps to bring calm and focus to a sometimes chaotic work life balance. Sarah is excellent at bringing clarity and reasoning to professional development. The work I have done with Sarah is worth its weight in gold.

    Kim Colley

    Student Nannies

    Sarah is a brilliant educator. We had a couple of very productive and exciting sessions with Sarah coming up with content strategy and plan for our business. Previously we had felt overwhelmed at the prospect of doing this ourselves but she has knocked us into shape and now it seems definitely achievable. She is also seriously good fun!

    Dan Griffin

    Amazon Publishing

    Sarah is a fantastic coach - she was incredibly enthusiastic throughout and really upped my own energy and willpower to succeed - but she also asked the hard questions to make sure that I was exploring every avenue of my business and my ideas. She definitely added a huge amount of value and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a business coach that will get to the heart of the problems.

    Daisy Pickles

    Down At The Social

    Sarah’s practical and life aware approach always helps to remind me that no one is perfect and that the most important strategy for a busy person is to be realistic. She offers programmes that will help even the most stressed or disorganised person to take control. Time spent with Sarah is valuable time that will help you be more productive and much nicer to yourself.
    It’s really quite simple: it’s been written by ME, Sarah Knight. I'm an expert trainer, a qualified NLP practitioner, a business owner, a single mum, someone who has been spinning all the plates, someone who has experienced all the wheels falling off and someone who is qualified to provide practical, real, achievable actionable tools to help you thrive while you are running your business. Someone who has experienced life, experienced running her own business and perhaps the most powerful reason… I’m real, authentic and really blinking practical about what we can achieve as women in business. I am a qualified NLP practitioner, a queen of human skills and I’ve run and built businesses for over 20 years. And I keep it real. And sometimes a bit sweary.

    How many courses have you seen that are written by a life coach with no experience in life, with no wrinkles to tell the story of pain, of passion, of failure, of resilience? There’s going to be no telling you how to get up at 5am, write your gratitude journal, meditate, do some exercise and then start your day.

    This course is different. It’s real. It’s achievable. It’s rooted in scientific fact, it’s designed to build and develop your emotional intelligence which will not only help your mental wellbeing it will help you be more creative, more proactive and more efficient. There’s only 24 hours in a day and this course is really practical about what you can actually achieve in your waking hours.

    Press Play on You is the first of its kind that not only teaches you what you should do to look after yourself, to be more self aware, to manage your emotions, to separate your thoughts and actions but also provides practical solutions to creating habits that don’t get binned as soon as the wheels comes off.

    Top FAQ's

    • Is Press Play really for me?

      Yes, if you give yourself permission to take some small actionable steps every week during the course. But you have to put the effort in -the key to mastering your mindset is putting the practice in. You didn't learn to ride a bike overnight, it took practice; it's exactly the same when we are training our brain.

      I want to make sure you are setting yourself up for success. I don’t want this course to be another thing you HAVE to do. And, crucially, I want you to complete it and feel the benefit. So let’s be real.

      This course is perfect for you if you are ready to press play, if you are ready to take responsibility for mastering your mindset and figure out your own framework for success.

      This course is for you if:

      - You are a one woman band - you do it all, spin all the plates
      - You are a leader in business
      - You are a female entrepreneur
      - You are a freelancer or consultant
      - You feel on the edge of burnout
      - You are prepared to invest in yourself and take small actionable steps every week
      - You bloody well wish you could press play on your day, every day

      The course is designed to fit in with you, with your life and your business. It is presented and accessed in easily digestible chunks so you have the time to let them sit and can go through the programme, learn, evolve and move forward.

      However you need to put some work in, you need to prioritise you for a little while. And to get the benefit from the programme you have to start by giving yourself permission to do it - as if it is an essential meeting that you would not cancel.

      If you can’t commit to do that right now then focus on what you can do and be kind to yourself.

    • What if I don’t complete the course modules every week?

      The Press Play on You programme has been set up so that it doesn’t overwhelm you and take over your week. It’s built in small digestible chunks so that every week you can look at a different theme, a different element of mastering your mindset and how you press play. It won’t take you long, but if life does get in the way one week, you simply pick it up when you can. You have access to the course for six months so you have plenty of time to complete it. However you will then miss the benefits of the live lectures and the Monday morning accountability group.

    • How long will it take me to complete?

      Technically seven weeks as we have a reflection week towards the end. It will be time well spent. Live lectures will be around 40 - 45 minutes and I'll be around for questions and discussion after. Worksheets and tasks will take between 30 minutes - one/two hours to complete (that depends on how much you want to spend on them) - and then you have to allow your brain time to process the information (that’s the easy bit).

    • What can I expect to achieve from the programme?

      The course is action oriented so you put the work in, so you can figure out what works for you, so you can build and develop your emotional intelligence which will ultimately help you be more efficient, more productive, more creative and crucially mean you are less likely to suffer from burn out. You will learn how to master your mindset.

      Once you have been through the course, the practice starts, creating the habits and routine that will help you press play every day.

    • What’s your refund policy?

      As an online purchase, you are entitled to a refund within 14-days of purchase, UNLESS you have accessed the platform and the content. However I am so committed to what I have created if you complete all the modules, complete all the worksheets, come to the accountability group, take part in the peer community and invest in yourself AND if you don’t learn anything about how to press play, how to stop procrastinating, how to look after yourself a bit better so you can thrive, let's talk.

      You have the legal right to cancel the contract between you and Mind The Gap during the period of 12 hours from date of purchase providing none of the course literature has been downloaded and none of the course undertaken. Should any aspects of the course have been downloaded it is 100% non-refundable.

    • Where can I find out more information about you?

      I have a website where I talk about my corporate offering and you can find out a bit more about me, and Mind The Gap, here.

      I also write a blog which talks a bit more about my life and my not so smalls. And, of course, all the social channels below.

    Proud To Work With:

    I developed Press Play Live because I realised that even in business everyone needs a person - their person.

    Everyone running a small business, an owner operated business; whether you call yourself a freelancer, a consultant or a one-woman band, you need to know how to press play - and give yourself permission to do it. (Fact: this is even harder to do if you’re the female of the species).

    The good work has to start with you and without looking after yourself (more important than ever in these stupid times) then developing and growing your business is going to feel like pushing water uphill.

    Don’t let another month go by before you put yourself first, don’t let another week go by before you realise you have a duty of care to yourself.

    Ask Yourself Honestly:
    > Do you deserve to put yourself first?
    > If you feel sane, will your business do better?
    > What if you took away just one action from the course and that allowed you to switch your mindset and stop procrastinating on pause?

    “If what you are doing isn't working, do something else.”

    Don’t forget, I get it. I developed this course to support people like me based on my expertise, 25 years’ experience and a breadth of knowledge rooted in scientific fact developed through my work as a NLP practitioner. I’ve developed a course I wish I had had access to.
    Watch Intro Video

    “Emotional intelligence is a way of recognizing, understanding, and choosing how we think, feel, and act. It shapes our interactions with others and our understanding of ourselves. It defines how and what we learn; it allows us to set priorities; it determines the majority of our daily actions. Research suggests it is responsible for as much as 80 percent of the "success" in our lives." -J. Freedman

    What others are saying...

    Laura Bayliss

    LifeLeft Tech For Good

    The way you talked in such an open, relaxed manner with humour that was honest and self-deprecating at times was so refreshing. I like your style. You seem like 'my kinda woman.

    Rachel Brine

    She Sports | Growing Well Board Member

    Sarah is insightful, confident and supportive. She is motivating, thought provoking and challenging. Through thoughtful and insightful conversations and practical worksheets, she helps to bring calm and focus to a sometimes chaotic work life balance. Sarah is excellent at bringing clarity and reasoning to professional development. The work I have done with Sarah is worth its weight in gold.

    Jonathan Fagan

    Jonathan Fagan Specialist Business Brokers

    Sarah Knight has been my mentor for the past few months as part of the Help to Grow Programme at the University of Salford. I have not worked with a mentor before during my 20 years in business and did not really know what to expect. I have to say that I have found the service Sarah provided to be extremely helpful, inspiring and thought provoking. Sarah has come up with suggestions to implement across our businesses that I would not have thought of, she has inspired us to develop new systems, services and solutions, as well as give a gentle nudge here and there to do things we should really be doing but haven’t managed to get round to! Working with Sarah to go through a business model canvas, a business growth plan and produce a timetable to work towards in future has been particularly useful for me personally and our group of companies, and we plan to continue with the work over the coming months and years.. I can highly recommend Sarah for her skills as a mentor, guiding and advising businesses towards future success, and am very grateful for her assistance.

    Naomi Timperley

    Growth and Innovation Consultant, Co Founder Tech North Advocates

    Sarah has a brilliant way of making her training relatable to the audience. She is engaging and uses storytelling to demonstrate her knowledge. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah and have always had amazing feedback every time I have used her services.

    Dan Griffin

    Marketing at Amazon Publishing

    Sarah is a fantastic coach. She was incredibly enthusiastic throughout and really upped my own energy and willpower to succeed - but she also asked the hard questions to make sure that I was exploring every avenue of my business and my ideas. She definitely added a huge amount of value and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a business coach that will get to the heart of the problems.